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The Madera Grill is now the Kuma Platinum SE.  Same great grill, now with a new stainless look.

The Great American Pellet Grilling Experience.
There are many features that we are proud to introduce with the Kuma Grill: The best of all is our family’s ability to offer you a USA made quality pellet grill.  The Kuma pellet grill gives you natural wood fired cooking with the push of a button. With it’s double wall design, you can cook virtually anything in any weather. In addition to grilling delicious steaks, chicken and burgers, you can bake bread, smoke a turkey, cook a pizza…the possibilities are endless.

Featuring a quick grilling zone
Instantly activate direct flame grilling.   Pellet BBQ’s have not been known for easy high temperature grilling but now with Kuma’s quick grilling zone, you can sear steaks and grill burgers to perfection with the quick slide of a handle.